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The Perpetual Pendulum

Call First

First, call me at (843) 285-8109 to explain the problem with your clock. I can provide hints and advice for simple troubleshooting.  You may not need service if your problem is just setting up the clock or putting the movement in beat. I’ll only recommend bringing the clock into the shop if expert help is needed. If it needs work, I usually follow my standard process.





House Service Calls

I reserve house calls only for large time pieces that are not practical to transport. Please call to arrange time for me to visit and do an initial examination of the clock and, if needed, prepare it to be brought into the shop for a testing and repair.
When the clock is returned, I can teach you how to set up and maintain the clock going forward.


Standard Clock Repair Steps

I carefully examine the clock to diagnose the trouble and determine wear or damage.  The problem may be something simple -- an easy fix such as cleaning and lubrication.  
If it’s not an easy fix, I note all concerns before dismantling the movement for overhaul and repair, calling you my conclusions.
Once I have your authority, I dismantle, clean, and re-examine the parts for any additional wear or concerns.
I polish any pivots needing repair to ensure the clock’s smooth operation.

I then temporarily reassemble the movement to accurately assess its full operation now that one can clearly see the parts and their current fit.
I re-bush worn bearings with quality KWM bushings,  ensuring correct positioning of centers.
I replace worn parts with quality commercial replacements, where available and appropriate.
I can fabricate certain parts, if necessary. I have small machining and gear-cutting capability.
I can remove the clock’s springs, examining, cleaning, and lubricating them where needed.
The clock is reassembled section by section to ensure proper meshing and operation, with particular attention being given to polishing the verge and setting the escapement.
The assembled movement is then placed on a test stand and let run for a period of time.
Finally, it is installed in the case and let run for another period of time to ensure that everything is set correctly and nothing binds.

Shipping Instructions
Please call me before shipping any clocks. If your clock needs work, I will provide you shipping authorization and instructions.  When preparing to ship your clock , keep in mind that it is a delicate piece of equipment and should be packed properly.  Make sure you include the pendulum and its rod in the shipment, since I need it to test run the clock. However, I do not need any non-essential parts such as weights, keys, or removable decorative pieces from your clock case.   I recommend that you have your clock professionally packed by a UPS or FEDEX store near you.  If that is not an option for you, then be sure to tightly pack it in bubble wrap in an inner box that is placed in a larger outer box with plenty of cushion like bubble wrap or foam peanut shells. Particular care must be taken to remove (and not damage) the pendulum suspension, as that could affect the running of the clock. Call me first if you have any questions.
Be sure to include your personal contact information on a sheet of paper inside the package. I need your full name, address, contact phone number(s), email, the shipping authorization number and a brief description of the problem you are experiencing with your clock.  
Shipments should be fully insured for replacement value and shipped to the following address via UPS, USPS, or FEDEX. A signed shipping form must be included.  (I can provide a draft form). Once your clock is received and evaluated, I will contact you with an estimate for repair costs.  If you decide to proceed with the repair, I will require a deposit (via PayPal) as an authorization to proceed.  Once authorized, the work will be completed within 6-8 weeks, generally, depending on the scope of the work. When the work is done, you will be invoiced for the remaining balance due, plus return shipping. Payment must be received in order to ship your clock.
Should you choose not to have any repairs completed, your clock will be returned to you immediately and you will be invoiced for return shipping charges within 30 days of my providing you with the estimate of repair charges.

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